In desperate need of SUV or Truck tires that will fit a 1998 Ford Expedition. We need something for now until we can save up for new ones. Our 2 back tires exploded while going up an icy hill to our house.We would prefer 4 tires so that they matched and were the same size but will graciously accept 2 to replace the ones we just lost. The current size we have, which came with the vehicle are 22"...
3-Dec-2018Lexington, NC+18 milesItems Wanted
I have 3 boys of various ages 3, 6, and 14. I know all of you already know this time of year is hard but I want you to know. None of you are alone. But this year I just cant provide them with the Christmas they deserve and need. They all need clothing, and even though I've manage to get a few very small toys I haven't been able and most likely won't be able to do more for them. Anything, is gre...
3-Dec-2018Lexington, NC+18 milesItems Wanted
I am going without so many different and basic things so that I'm able to do just that much more for my 3 boys. I'm in dire need of clothing underwear, bras, winter tops and bottoms, I only own 1 pair of worn out boots....and I think I would just cry if someone had a long and cozy ride they no longer needed. I've had surgery recently and between that and the arthritis this cold wind and just co...
I needing any size sm/med/large winter clothing. Shirts, and pants I wear sz 10. I need winter boots for weather outside when it's cold I wear a sz 10. And if anyone by chance has a long fuzzy robe I would love that. Thanks so much
I'm looking for anything clothing, toys, books. used or new it doesn't matter. I just cant for them this year. I'm hoping that this message reaches someone in time. They are 3/6/14
2-Dec-2018Lewisville, NC+12 milesItems Wanted
I know this is a long shot bit I'm do iij ng my very best as a mom of 3 to give them a Christmas, so bbn 8n turn I'm going without even my basic needs I hate to ask but I need winter clothing, I'd die for a long cozy robe. Happy holidays to you all and thanks for anything in advance.
1-Dec-2018High Point, NC+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for old oak cabs i can paint and add to kitchen area for my boys to have a place to do art/homework. Dirty/old grease ok, no mold or warping/damage. Can pick up w adv notice w open trailer. Thanks!
1-Dec-2018High Point, NC+19 milesItems Wanted
Just lost my job. Seeking help to provide my 10 year old son a Christmas.
30-Nov-2018High Point, NC+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for nursery and baby items. Anything is appreciated. I will pick up.
I'm a big Dave Ramsey fan and trying to get debt free so I'm in search of a washer/dryer set and a chest of drawers that's in goid condition. Thank you!
I was adopted by a Mama cat who had 5 kittens. They are now 6 weeks old and I will need to transport them soon.